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Montreal MMM v 2.0. Jam July 28th to July 31st!!

Norris | July 25, 2011

There is going to be a Jam in Montreal this weekend including 20 musicians who play in SL as well as another 30 or so friends and fans. Some of the musicians include Max Kleene, Montian Gilruth, Funky Freddy Republic, Shannon Oherlihy, Taunter Goodnight, Moi, and many others.
I am VERY EXCITED for this weekend. [...]

All i want for christmas…

Norris | December 19, 2010

**warning** if mention of bodily functions, and hospital activities make you queasy.. you may want to stop reading here. **
So twitter and facebook falls very short in conveying details.  To try and prevent a few friends from worrying, and typing the same thing to my online friends over and over again… i just figured i [...]

TWO WEEKS to PEI meetup/Jam.

Norris | September 8, 2010

The get together in PEI is shaping up to be a nice little gathering of friends and a few musos. Confirmed so far on the musicians side are:
Max Kleene
Dale Katscher
Norris Shepherd
Still waiting to hear back on another couple of musicians, but it will probably be the three of us, with possibly some local friends [...]

SL Musicians and Friends Jam in Prince Edward Island

Norris | April 30, 2010

A meet up of musicians and friends.
To make music, listen to music, laugh, hang out, meet and get to know new people, catch up with old friends.
Just outside Cavendish in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Sept 24th, 2010 to Sept 27th,
Mostly people who have met and interact through the live music scene in SL.
Confirmed musicians as of [...]

I just Had to Share This

Norris | April 27, 2010

French Acadian + Heartbreak + easy access to recording technology + lack of vocal training + Emminem influence = GBB Jessica’s Song.
(hit the play button)
I heard this song years ago, and I kind of didn’t want to post it, feeling that the dude might want it buried. But I found his youTube [...]

A nice compliment received.. i think…

Norris | April 7, 2010

Last week after a show I received an IM from LoserrDotCom Sitoko asking for a bit of info about myself so he could add some information to his web page about me. Dutifully i forwarded the stuff, then checked out his web page.
At first I have to say i was a bit dubious to [...]

Curling.. a seemingly innocent sport.

Norris | March 21, 2010

I think i promised someone curling videos once. I think it was Luka, Renee, or Horizzon or maybe all three. lol.
Here are a few.. well actually only one on the ice and a pre/post vid.

Some bed tracks down

Norris | March 21, 2010

Everything is still pretty much ‘learn as you go’, but I’m thinking a good way is to focus on a few songs at a time. So for now, I’m focusing on 3-4 songs at a time. I’ve got the scratch tracks down for these, and have added acoustic guitar and bass to them.
For [...]

Recording a CD.

Norris | February 13, 2010

So I’ve been re-focused on working on writing and recording music the past week.
I think I’ve said before one of the hardest things about it is just breaking the inertia of ‘not’ doing it. Not recording is very easy.
If you are reading this, I’ve met you through music. And because of you I now [...]

Knob Idol – Canadian week. Vocabulary and Institutions.

Norris | February 9, 2010

Here’s a video on a cherished Canadian institution and a few truly national words. Medium Double Double and timbits.