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Relay Stream with Max

Norris | April 29, 2009

Yeahh… more relay streaming! Did a couple of songs with Max at Sterling Vineyards last night.
We did Wheat Kings, Million Dollars, and Black Monday. Come to think of it.. all Canadian fare! I’m gonna try to tidy them up, and maybe post one here for your listening purposes. Soon.. it’s [...]

Online collaborations, making music far away

Norris | April 23, 2009

The other night there was a few bored people/musicians sitting around, and so they decided to take turns relay streaming. It started out with Mason, Donny and Hayduke tri-relay-streaming with each other. They managed to get a few songs in (most of which i missed), took a break, then played some more. [...]

Viva Las Vegas @ Casablanco?

Norris | April 3, 2009

K.. i’m on in 52 minutes at Fluffy Friday’s. Anyone have a velvet Elvis suit for me to wear?
Oh yeah.. and the Nascar points are updated. Rene has jumped out to a big lead, which is ok i guess. I’m a ABM kind of player (Anyone But Mason).
How did i [...]