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ToeKnee ToneE Tony Returns (3pm SLT @ Blarney Stone)

Norris | June 30, 2009

My good friend Tony is back in town for a couple of days. I’m taking advantage of this by kidnapping him, chaining him to the mixer in the man-cave, and making him sing with me. We are playing today (Tue, June 30th) at 3pm SLT at the Blarney Stone for at least an [...]

A Visitor to the man-cave, and he sings!

Norris | June 25, 2009

I got a message the other day that an old friend was in town (for 24 hrs).   I went to get him and informed him that I had a gig and he had to sing with me.
He was game, but somewhat baffled at my vagueness on the details.
So when we got to my place, i [...]

Thoughts and hearts out for Luka.

Norris | June 22, 2009

Our friend Luka has a big day today. Just to let you know that I (we) are thinking of you and sending good vibes way down south for ya.

King for a Day

Norris | June 22, 2009

So I came across this picture, and for some reason it made me think ‘King for a Day’. The picture makes me smile.. just gives off a certain vibe. I quickly grabbed a guitar and wrote some lyrics, then recorded them on a my laptop so i didn’t forget how they went. (I [...]

Montreal Musicians (and friends) Meetup!

Norris | June 18, 2009

So here is a bit more information on who will be attending the Montreal shows (as far as musicians go).
JASE BRANNER                              [...]

Video of 300th show by Jodi Perkins.

Norris | June 12, 2009

I was lucky enough to have Jodi Perkins film some during my 300th show and edit together this video. I’m humbled that anyone would take the time and do that for me. Thanks very much Jodi!!
Special appearances in the video by all kinds of friends.. can you point yourself out? lol

Montreal Bound! RL Show July 25th, 2009

Norris | June 5, 2009

Heya everyone. Looks like there is going to be a Montreal Musicians Meetup, and I’m going to be able to make it! If anyone reads this… … and is interested in finding out more information, send me a note in world. I’ll post more information over the next few weeks.

Sidekick Video. by Spiral Sylvestar

Norris | June 2, 2009

A hypnotic/trance/eye candy kind of video made for the Abby Simmonds song I recorded. Thanks Much Spiral!