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Back from Texas

Norris | October 29, 2009

I’m home from Texas. It was a blast! Slept great last night, and back to work and stuff today.
I hope to write some stuff on Texas.. but here are some initial banal perceptions on the small section of Texas I experienced.
- People were way friendlier than i expected.
I knew the people [...]

Lineup for Texas Set….

Norris | October 16, 2009

The schedule for the Texas Jam, in exactly one week… is set. At this point, it looks like this. (all times SLT)
Saturday October 24 at Gwampa’s Dance Camp
7:00 am Dakota Pluto
8:00 am LadyScarlet Gears
9:00 am Sonny Trenchcoat
10:00 am [...]

Van Morrison Interview and ‘Live’ Music

Norris | October 6, 2009

Van Morrison was recently interviewed on one of my favorite radio shows, CBC radio’s ‘Q’ with Jian Ghomeshi.
You can just click on the little ‘play’ button under this line to listen to the interview, or right click and download for later listening.
It’s a pretty broad interview, and Van Morrison sounds like someone who has [...]

Texas jam… less than 3 weeks until…

Norris | October 4, 2009

So I have my flight booked, motel booked, and am ready to head down to Texas on October 23rd.
I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Maybe it’s not nervousness, maybe it’s just anxiousness. Some emotions are so similar i often get them confused.
Here’s a list of the musicians so far confirmed. [...]