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Tis the season … for giftcards?

Norris | November 22, 2009

So as x-mas gets closer, I start thinking of ideas for presents.
Now I’m not a total grinch/scrooge.. i enjoy a lot of parts about Christmas. Seeing family and friends, hanging out, having a few drinks, some laughs, play some games, and making some music, it can be pretty fun.
What I dislike is the foolishness [...]

Vegemite Fillet

Norris | November 12, 2009

I’m almost out of Vegemite. Luka got me two jars when i was in Texas, and I ordered 3 tubes online, but they are almost all out.
This is what happens when someone is jonesing for Vegemite and they have little left. (**warning** by watching this video you agree to waste 90 seconds of [...]

Dylan on a Halloween Night.

Norris | November 5, 2009

I’m feeling a big guilty cause i haven’t played in almost a week now, but i do have 2 shows tomorrow!
Figured i’d better remind people of me, so here’s a recording from last Saturday’s Halloween show at Chely Lock’s sim.
Max and i were relay streaming, and by this point he [...]