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Mason Thorne’s Virtual Cast.

Norris | December 18, 2009

Poor widdle Mason bwoke his foot. We are assuming it was a skateboard accident, however it could have been a microphone dropped on his foot or something.
But seriously.. please sign the virtual cast here (add a comment to this post) and let’s see if we can get more than 5 signatures….
Next is a cuboid [...]

Survived my Return to the Ice

Norris | December 6, 2009

So I managed to drift around the ice in short spurts for about an hour. My problem with skating is that it hurts my feet like CRAZY! Not sure what it is, but for the non-skaters, skates are very rigid, almost cast-like. My feet are large, a bit wider than normal, and [...]

And the Winner is .. ME! NASCAR results are in..

Norris | December 1, 2009

Just realized that i haven’t posted the results from the Nascar pool. Here are the final standings.