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Final total and transfer to MSF – 1270 Can$

Norris | January 29, 2010

I had told people that i would put up a video of me transferring the money to MSF, so here it is. Nothing exciting, just there for transparency.
There is a gratuitous quick tour of the man cave in the first minute if you’d like to see it.

Between Friday, Jan 15 and [...]

Jan 23rd update – Haiti Benefits

Norris | January 23, 2010

Total of 302 829L collected from friends in SL for disaster relief in Haiti. Such generosity in the face of such sadness. Will post an updated once the funds get transferred.

Update – Haiti Benefits

Norris | January 18, 2010

More people have been offering to do whatever they can to help, and over the weekend we have increased the total to 186 500L. That is $717 US. I’m told that when you withdraw from SL you can lose up to 6% of it, so Robin and others have taken steps to see [...]

Benefits for Haiti – next show tomorrow(Sun Jan 16) 7am SLT.

Norris | January 16, 2010

Thanks to very kind people, we were able to raise just under 30 000L last night (very roughly $115 US).
But something happened and others wanted to do more. Club Yana is donating their tips from today, and the final total is not in, but it might be almost as much as we raised last [...]

Shows for Haiti

Norris | January 15, 2010

I’m going to try and do what i can to help Haiti. As well as donating what I can, and going through my closets for any clothes than can be donated, any tips I receive during shows for the next few days will be donated to Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).
There are a [...]

New Orleans is Sinking covered by Norris Shepherd, Chaos Noyes

Norris | January 3, 2010

Here’s a song I recorded with help of Chaos Noyes and Toby Lancaster.
It’s an old Tragically Hip song that i played live with Chaos via relay stream sometime in 2009… hmm.. maybe even 2008. I added the bass and drums later. Toby helped with the drum programming.
Pretty straightforward song – two guitars, bass [...]