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Some bed tracks down

Everything is still pretty much ‘learn as you go’, but I’m thinking a good way is to focus on a few songs at a time. So for now, I’m focusing on 3-4 songs at a time. I’ve got the scratch tracks down for these, and have added acoustic guitar and bass to them.

For those who don’t know what a ’scratch track’ is, let me elaborate… for those who don’t care, please skip this paragraph. :-) It’s basically a template of the song that will be thrown out in the end. So recording to a click track (which acts as a metronome…so that i don’t speed up or slow down during the songs) I record a rough track with guitar and singing. Then i uses this as a ‘key’ to add better sounding guitar tracks, a better sounding vocal tracks, bass, drums, etc.

So I’ve got the acoustic guitar, bass tracks down and have started working on the drum tracks. This is slow going, and so far I’ve tried to consult with many rhythmically knowledgable people. It should get easier for the next batch of songs though. I had hoped to hire an external company to produce the drum tracks, but i think the cost would just be too much. More on costs at a later point. lol.

Slow progress still, but much better than no progress. :-)

And on a non related note.. here are some curling videos. Great way to get an aching back.

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