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A nice compliment received.. i think…

Last week after a show I received an IM from LoserrDotCom Sitoko asking for a bit of info about myself so he could add some information to his web page about me. Dutifully i forwarded the stuff, then checked out his web page.

At first I have to say i was a bit dubious to be included on a site called Is he calling me a loser?

After checking the list of SL musos that he had included, I felt very honored to be included in the list.

LoserrDotCom’s favorite SL male musicians

I would have to say that I disagree on some of his thoughts on what a loser is though. I think ‘the little guy’, or ‘underdog’, or ‘oppressed’ are not synonymous with loser. Maybe i should just go find a place to add that to his page somewhere.

Maybe there’s a song in that somewhere.

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