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SL Musicians and Friends Jam in Prince Edward Island



A meet up of musicians and friends.


To make music, listen to music, laugh, hang out, meet and get to know new people, catch up with old friends.


Just outside Cavendish in Prince Edward Island, Canada


Sept 24th, 2010 to Sept 27th,


Mostly people who have met and interact through the live music scene in SL.

Confirmed musicians as of writing (April 30, 2010)

Max Kleene
Norris Shepherd


Get here however you can…(more info below)


a) SL meetup/Jam costs : $161 US/Can
b) Your Room: from $92 to $115 per day (single/double occupancy)
b) Everything else:
Travel, flights, and everything else…



A meet up of musicians and friends.

Friday Sept 24th: Arrival and getting settled. Will probably be informal music making and hanging out.

Saturday Sept 25th: ‘pass the mic’ type day, with a more formal show to be streamed that night.

Sunday Sept 26th: more pass the mic type music, and maybe an excursion to see some of prince Edward island depending on what folks want to do. Lobster supper at night.


To make music, listen to music, laugh, hang out, meet and get to know new people, catch up with old friends.

For the musicians this will not be a weekend that will make you famous, sell albums, make any money, and probably won’t increase your fan base. It will be fun though.

For listeners, this isn’t the Rolling Stones on tour, nor is Jason Mraz live or Radiohead’s latest offering. But there will be some very talented musicians, making great music and having fun.


Just outside Cavendish in Prince Edward Island, Canada

The hotel is the Cavendish Clarion Gateway resort.
Although ‘resort’ is in the name, it is more of a motel. As far as I could find it’s a 3 star facility. I’ll post some pictures here: It looks like an awesome place to get together and have some fun, but if you need 5 start resorts… well this is a 3 star motel.


Sept 24th, 2010 to Sept 27th,


Mostly people who have met and interact through SL. We want it to be cozy and informal. We will run it if it is just 5 of us, but we are aiming for around 30 people. We will cap it at a maximum of 40 to 45 people.

The musicians taking part will probably vary in styles, age, and experience. There won’t be a full drum kit or massive bass amp, but there will hopefully be a cojone (drum box), or djembe as well as a bass available if anyone wants to use them.
Confirmed musicians as of writing (April 30, 2010)
Max Kleene
Norris Shepherd
We are going to avoid using any fully instrumented pre-recorded tracks during the weekend. If a singer who uses backing tracks wants to attend, the best bet would be to check with some of the other musicians to see if they are able to accompany them on songs that they know.



Get here however you can… the address of the resort is 6596 Route 13,
Mayfield, Prince Edward Island, C0A 1N0, Canada …. so pull up Google maps and get directions if you need to drive.


There are 3 airports within a 3 hour drive. There is a shuttle service from Halifax to PEI, at this point I am still not sure about Moncton to PEI.

We will going to work together to get people from these airports to the site. It will require information on your fights and arrival times, and a bit of coordinating and patience from everyone. 

Airports in order of proximity:
Charlottetown (25-30 min drive) Airport code: YYG
Moncton (2hr drive) Airport code: YQM
Halifax (3hr drive) Airport code: YHZ

Airports in order of probable cost (cheapest to most expensive)
Halifax (3hr drive) Airport code: YHZ
Moncton (2hr drive) Airport code: YQM
Charlottetown (25-30 min drive) Airport code: YYG


Basically 3 major costs: a) SL meetup/jam costs b) Your Room c) everything else

**NOTE: All costs are listed in Canadian Dollars. As the Canadian and US dollars are at par right now, the cost is approximately the same in US$. You can get a conversion here if you’d like.;to=CAD;amt=100

a) SL meetup/Jam costs :
Current Price $161 ($140 + tax) ** see notes at bottom
- conference room rental
- Saturday brunch
- Saturday supper
- Sunday brunch
- Sunday Lobster supper
- Sound equipment rental and few stage lights
- All the music and vibes dispersed over the weekend.
** If we book 12 rooms, the price will decrease to $127 per person (conference room would be free)
*** If you do not wish to take part in the lobster supper, you can remove $34 from your cost.

b) Your Room:

$92/day ($80+taxes) — Rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors with 2 doubles. Single or double occupancy.

$103.50/day (90$+taxes) – Standard room with 2 queen beds, or Room with 2 queens and Twin on 3rd floor. Single or Double occupancy.

$115/day ($100+taxes) – Rooms with Kitchenettes. Single or Double occupancy

There are also a few cottages. I haven’t received the cost of renting those yet.

b) Everything else:

Travel, flights, and everything else…


Saturday (Brunch and Supper – buffet style) and Sunday (Brunch Buffet and Lobster Supper) are included. If you need any extra munchies or snacks, that’s up to you.

Airport Shuttle:

Shuttle to/from the airport. This is something we are looking into, but Renee has looked into it somewhat and the costs don’t appear to be unreasonable.


The location isn’t licensed, and they will allow us to bring and consume our own alcohol on site. We’ll make one or more beer/liquor store runs as required… always conscious of the fact that the liquor stores are CLOSED on Sundays on PEI. We will need to stock up on white wine for the lobster supper on Saturday.


If you plan on renting a car, driving off the island costs you 42.50$. That’s right, it’s free to get on, but they don’t want you to leave.

Other Activities:

PEI is an awesome spot with lots to do.

It is to note that a lot of the seasonal ‘touristy’ type businesses will probably be closed. Summer is a bee hive of people and activity in this area, but the fall is much more quiet. In the fall we get better rates, and won’t be bothering anyone.
If your primary purpose is the music and friends, you are all set.
If your primary purpose is to experience all the tourist type activities in PEI, you might want to double check that these activities will be available at this time of the year.

Golf: There are many quality courses on the island. You can check some of them out here if that’s your thing. Many of them are within 15 minutes of where we are staying. You can get more info here.

Curling. I promised some people that I would try to take them curling. I’m not a curler, so I’m not sure when the ice gets put into the curling rinks in PEI. But we will check, and try to get to a curling rink in Charlottetown or Crapaud is possible.

Beaches. Lots of gorgeous ones.. but not the time of year for sunbathing. 

Lots of other stuff. You can check here if you’d like.

But as I mentioned, mostly it will be a weekend about hanging out and making music. As for any activities, I personally won’t be organizing any outings (except for an attempt at curling – if the rinks are open. But feel free to line up anything you’d like to.


Send a note card to Norris Shepherd with:
- your name
- email address
- If you are looking for a roommate.
- To book your room, you will need to call the motel directly and I can give you that information/phone number later.

The cost (as of April 30th) is 160$ (US or Canadian)
First come first served, so people who have paid have confirmed their spots.
Lindens > You can transfer L 44500 to me, with a note card.
Paypal > Send me an IM and I’ll give you an account to send it to.


Same info/rates apply for all musicians, but please contact me for more information.  Send an IM to Norris Shepherd.

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  1. Fluffy says:

    Another one I will miss…..:( I hope everybody who goes has a great time :)

  2. Norris says:

    Get on a boat!!! lol. Bring Angel and her new grandchild with ya when you come. :) Maybe someday one in Ireland? :-p

  3. Melissa says:

    I am waiting for you to converge in the glorious center of the US because I’m too poor and too w/out child care to go anywhere that requires an overnight stay. Kansas City, heart of America. C’mon, damn it. :)

    And, your blog will not load on my Explorer–I can only view it in Firefox. Is this a problem unique to me?

  4. Norris says:

    would love to hit Kansas!! Maybe in the future…. you organise it and let me know. ;-) PEI is kind of selfish for me, because it’s close and relatively quick and inexpensive to get to. Even there, I probably wouldn’t have done it without some gentle prodding/pushing from some friends.

  5. Woodstock says:

    K.C. or St Louis would be great places to have a jam!

  6. Dang you guys would have to have these on the other side of the planet!.. when ya coming to LA!? You know.. sunny southern California?

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