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TWO WEEKS to PEI meetup/Jam.

The get together in PEI is shaping up to be a nice little gathering of friends and a few musos. Confirmed so far on the musicians side are:

Max Kleene
Dale Katscher
Norris Shepherd

Still waiting to hear back on another couple of musicians, but it will probably be the three of us, with possibly some local friends showing up.

Other than musos, there will probably be another 7 or 8 folks making the trek. We’ve had a couple cancellations, and there’s still a few ‘maybe’s’ out there.

I’m really excited about the folks coming up. I’ve met most of them before, and everyone is top notch folks!!

Sound gear is booked, a few lights are booked, rooms are booked,… everything is close to being lined up.

Just a note that it’s NOT TOO LATE if you are considering coming to PEI.  Just let me know, and you can still take part in the weekend.

If you can’t make it, we will also be streaming audio in-world and possibly video as well.  So far we are booked at Sterling Vineyards (time not set), Key West (Saturday Sept 25th, 4pm – 6pm SLT, and Warung Beats (Sunday Sept 26th, 6pm to 7pm SLT)

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  1. Almost worth putting up a Kickstarter fund for…

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