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All i want for christmas…

**warning** if mention of bodily functions, and hospital activities make you queasy.. you may want to stop reading here. **

So twitter and facebook falls very short in conveying details.  To try and prevent a few friends from worrying, and typing the same thing to my online friends over and over again… i just figured i type out todays events here.

Went out last night to a friends place, had a bit of rum (seriously.. not a lot..) and a beer, and some chili.  Stayed up late laughing and playing guitar though.. got home 3:30 or so.

Woke up this morning, felt fine.  had a bit of water, the old a.m. #1, then back for a nap.  Woke up a few hours, feeling a rapid need to get to washroom for #2.

As i’m getting there, really don’t feel well at all, queasy, cold sweats, the works.  Take a seat, then..


..wake up face down on the floor with the boss banging on the door.  Blood pouring from my face, and a very large gap in the front of my mouth.

An ambulance ride later, my nose re-set, stitches on my top lip and inside of bottom lip, blood tests, and the other vital tests, and i’m back home feeling allright.  Dentist this week or next.

Strange thing is that i felt fine.. until the urge for #2 reapears.. then very queasy, need a cold towel on my head, light headed, etc.  happened 3 times at the hospital.  Then after, fine.

After ruling everything else out, doctor figures it might be a virus, or food poisoning or something.

So for now .. i’ve had to cancel a few more shows, and will mend.

Haven’t called my buddy yet to see how everyone else fared with the chili.

So no worries, i’m ok, and will try singing with new teeth soon.

now i look like a true hockey player....

now i look like a true hockey player....

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5 Responses to “All i want for christmas…”

  1. Dakari Harbinger says:

    More Rum would have been a better plan Dude..take it easy..Dak

  2. Maurice Mistwallow says:

    Damn Norris… that sounds like some nasty chili you got into! I hope you’re feeling better really soon, that really sucks. Hope you’re feeling better for the holidays! Take care of yourself!

  3. Maximillion Kleene says:

    Will you be wearing a cage or full visor for the next few weeks?

  4. Norris says:

    Thanks Mo, and Dak, you may be right. Avoid the chili.

    And max, I’m supposed to be on the ice today to coach… wondering if i will scare the kids or not… maybe time to break out a goalie mask to walk around in. lol.

  5. shagpile says:

    holy smoke batman… that looks pretty nasty bud.. hope ya all recovered and looking nice with your new pearly whites now…

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