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This is my web page. It is mostly a scrapbook type place where I put stuff related to my music and little old me. If you don’t know me, mostly, I play music online in a virtual environment, and am working on writing and recording music. It’s a slow process for me. :-) As the site evolves, there will be more music info on here...

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Intro to Canadian Week on Knob Idol

Posted By Norris on February 8, 2010

I’ve been asked to be a guest judge on this week’s edition of Knob Idol. I’ve been told i need to make a few ‘human interest’ and informational videos about Canada to fulfill my guest judge role. Here is the first one.

Final total and transfer to MSF – 1270 Can$

Posted By Norris on January 29, 2010

I had told people that i would put up a video of me transferring the money to MSF, so here it is. Nothing exciting, just there for transparency.

There is a gratuitous quick tour of the man cave in the first minute if you’d like to see it. :-)

Between Friday, Jan 15 and Wednesday jan 20th, people contributed 1270 Can$ to Doctors without Borders. I played 6 shows during that time, and Nad Gough, Damian Carbenell, Shamanes, JellyJellyJelly Benelli and Montian Gilruth each played a show with donations directed through me.

I wanted to re-thank everyone involved. Firstly everyone who donated .. from 20L to 25000L, I really felt people did what they could.

It started out just wanted to do something, and wanting to make sure any money raised went to the proper places. So I decided to donate any lindens I had, as well as any tips received for the next few shows.

Then LilJamie Lewsey got involved. She wanted to do something, and with the help of the good folks at Club Yana they donated over 20 000L.

Then Robin Roar wanted to do something. She lined up Nad Gough and Damian Carbenell. They each played a show at LC Live with proceeds going to MSF.

Then Bree Birke wanted to get involved. She had planned to donate any tips from the shows at Nitida Ridge on Wednesday to disaster releif in Haiti. There was already a kiosque for the Red Cross there, but she wanted to know if she could put the sign for MSF there as well, in case anyone preferred one over the other.

Shamanes, JellyJellyJelly Bennelli, and Montian Gilruth donated any tips received to one of these charities.

And once again… lots of people gave. If I thought no one cared, I’d list everyone’s name here, but i know that some would prefer their privacy. People gave out of kindness and not for recognition.

Thanks again, and lets keep trying to do what we can.

Jan 23rd update – Haiti Benefits

Posted By Norris on January 23, 2010

Total of 302 829L collected from friends in SL for disaster relief in Haiti. Such generosity in the face of such sadness. Will post an updated once the funds get transferred.

Update – Haiti Benefits

Posted By Norris on January 18, 2010

More people have been offering to do whatever they can to help, and over the weekend we have increased the total to 186 500L. That is $717 US. I’m told that when you withdraw from SL you can lose up to 6% of it, so Robin and others have taken steps to see if Linden Labs will waive that conversion tax. Hopefully they will, but probably they won’t.

Robin Roar got on board, and she lined up Nad Gough and Damian Carbenell to play at LC Live on Sunday. They did a great job and raised over $300 during their shows. I played there earlier in the day, and also played at the 3 yr anniversary of Sterling Vineyards, where anything that was tipped to myself got added to the total.

I’m doing another show on Tuesday night that i will be donating tips from, and on Wednesday night Bree Birke is doing 3 or 4 hours of music with people being able to donate to Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontieres. JellyJellyJelly Benelli is going to donate tips from her set to Medecins Sans Frontieres, an there will be another couple of sets that night, and I’m playing at 7pm SLT. Trying to line something up at Mason’s Barn, but hard to synch up schedules.

Hopefully we can try and get the total over 1000US$.

Thanks everyone. I was hoping to do some little thing by donating all my tips from shows.. but everyone has really multiplied it and made it something significant.

Benefits for Haiti – next show tomorrow(Sun Jan 16) 7am SLT.

Posted By Norris on January 16, 2010

Thanks to very kind people, we were able to raise just under 30 000L last night (very roughly $115 US).

But something happened and others wanted to do more. Club Yana is donating their tips from today, and the final total is not in, but it might be almost as much as we raised last night. Thanks to LilJamie for starting that ball rolling.

I just received an IM from Robin Roar offering a venue to play, so we booked a show for tomorrow morning at 7am SLT. Then she went to work to see if she could line up others to play after my show. I told her i couldn’t stick around after my set, but she reassured me that she would look after it.

If anyone else wants to be a part and play a set or do anything, please let me know.

I was kind of fighting with myself if i should do anything at all in SL. I figured, just donate to MSF, give what you can, and that’s all you can do.

Then I told myself to do something simple. Donate whatever balance i had in SL, as well as any tips for the next few shows. And encourage others to do what they could, either in or out of SL.

People coming onboard and rolling the ball further wasn’t expected. But I’m very glad it is happening.

Shows for Haiti

Posted By Norris on January 15, 2010

I’m going to try and do what i can to help Haiti. As well as donating what I can, and going through my closets for any clothes than can be donated, any tips I receive during shows for the next few days will be donated to Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).

There are a few connections to Haiti that make me want to do as much as i can and encourage others to do the same.

My Aunt (Mothers twin sister) is a nun who is also a retired elementary school teacher. Since her retirement, she has been traveling to Haiti to help with orphanages and the missions down there. I spoke to her before about Haiti. The poverty and way people go on living was hard for me to fathom before the disaster. Now it is just a nightmare.

Luckily for her, she was not on mission in Haiti when this happened, she was home in Canada.

I have not spoke with her yet, and I’m worried to ask about people she knew , and the children she had been looking after.

RCMP Sgt. Mark Gallagher is someone who i had met here in New Brunswick. He was a friend of a friend and always seemed like a good person. He and his wife were a big part of the communities they lived in.

He was in Haiti helping train local police forces through the UN.

Of the 1400 missing Canadians, he is one of the 4 Canadians confirmed dead.

The last connection that i have is from someone I knew growing up. Dr. Colleen O’Connel was a swim coach when i was younger. I also played basketball with her brother, and know the rest of her family.

She has done a lot of work in Haiti over the years, and has two children adopted from Haiti living with her in New Brunswick. She was in Canada at the time of the quakes, but I’m not sure if she has been in contact with anyone from her orphanage since the quakes.

I’m not certain, but a lot of the work she had done in third world countries was with Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). Partly for this reason, any money raised will be donated directly to Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres). Another reason that donations will be made to them is I believe that doctors and medicine is one of the many vital things needed at this time.

If you have another organization you would prefer to give to, please help as much as you can. And PLEASE make sure that the organizations that you are giving to are reputable and that the highest percentage of money possible makes it to help Haiti.

New Orleans is Sinking covered by Norris Shepherd, Chaos Noyes

Posted By Norris on January 3, 2010

Here’s a song I recorded with help of Chaos Noyes and Toby Lancaster.

It’s an old Tragically Hip song that i played live with Chaos via relay stream sometime in 2009… hmm.. maybe even 2008. I added the bass and drums later. Toby helped with the drum programming.

Pretty straightforward song – two guitars, bass and drums. I really loved Chaos’ playing on the track, so I wanted to gussy it up a bit, and here it is. Hope you like it!

Just click on the ‘play’ icon to listen. Right click on the song title and ‘Save Target as’ to save.

0:00 / 0:00

Mason Thorne’s Virtual Cast.

Posted By Norris on December 18, 2009

Poor widdle Mason bwoke his foot. We are assuming it was a skateboard accident, however it could have been a microphone dropped on his foot or something.

But seriously.. please sign the virtual cast here (add a comment to this post) and let’s see if we can get more than 5 signatures….

Next is a cuboid bone degeneration awareness campaign. Fundraiser to follow in SL.

Mason's Cast

Mason's Cast

picture credit:

Survived my Return to the Ice

Posted By Norris on December 6, 2009

So I managed to drift around the ice in short spurts for about an hour. My problem with skating is that it hurts my feet like CRAZY! Not sure what it is, but for the non-skaters, skates are very rigid, almost cast-like. My feet are large, a bit wider than normal, and somewhat flat footed. The skates I was using were borrowed, so they definitely weren’t molded to my feet. Was fun though… might try to get out again this winter.

I think he tripped me.  The ref did not give him a penalty.

I think he tripped me. The ref did not give him a penalty.

On one of my intimate sessions with the ice surface, I found this guy slowly crawling. Reminded me of a song from my distant past.

Stylistically, or genre wise, it is nothing like the stuff i do in SL. So you are forewarned. Just figured I’d post it cause it it popped into my brain.

The song is called “Like a Fly Struggles…” and the title comes from a line in a book that read “…like a fly struggles in a block of ice.” Hope that explains how a fly on the ice made me think of this song….

0:00 / 0:00

If you like it, you might want to download it and keep it. I probably won’t keep it on the site permanently.

And the Winner is .. ME! NASCAR results are in..

Posted By Norris on December 1, 2009

Just realized that i haven’t posted the results from the Nascar pool. Here are the final standings.


1 Norris shepherd 4955
2 Sin Specuallass 4937
3 Renee Bimbogami 4864
4 Angelwhosenameistoolongtofitindatabase 4840
5 Bourque Rau 4823
6 Wishing Lane 4602
7 Dakari Harbinger 4539
8 Mason Thorne 4324
9 Chaos Noyes 4280
10 Gatz Morang 4183
11 Luka Mikoyan 3700
12 Horizon Darkstone 3658
13 Fluffy Forwzy 3510
14 Donny Doobie 2789

Now I know that many will be questioning the validity of my victory, so i had the results audited by the accounting firm of Shepherd and Shepherd. If that doesn’t satisfied you, I’ll be glad to forward you the information if you want to audit the results. If still not satisfied, i would be glad to re-reimburse your entry fee. :-)

Since I obviously can’t payout the prices to myself, first place prize Linden goes to Sin (1500L), 2nd to Renee (750L), and 3rd to Angel (500L).

Would like to do a pool again next year, but I wouldn’t do it the same way. Hopefully I can find an online site that automatically tracks everything for you.

Congrats to the winners, and hope to see you again next year. Well, actually hope to see you again sooner.