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Montreal MMM v 2.0. Jam July 28th to July 31st!!

Norris | July 25, 2011

There is going to be a Jam in Montreal this weekend including 20 musicians who play in SL as well as another 30 or so friends and fans. Some of the musicians include Max Kleene, Montian Gilruth, Funky Freddy Republic, Shannon Oherlihy, Taunter Goodnight, Moi, and many others.
I am VERY EXCITED for this weekend. [...]

Back from Texas

Norris | October 29, 2009

I’m home from Texas. It was a blast! Slept great last night, and back to work and stuff today.
I hope to write some stuff on Texas.. but here are some initial banal perceptions on the small section of Texas I experienced.
- People were way friendlier than i expected.
I knew the people [...]

Fun with Relay Streaming and Max

Norris | August 30, 2009

Nothing much to say, but I figure it’s time i put something up here, so I’ll post a recording of the show the other night where i relay-streamed with Max.
I didn’t do anything to the clip, other than crop the beginning and the end.
It’s a cover of CCR’s version of Midnight Specia. It came [...]

Relay Stream with Max

Norris | April 29, 2009

Yeahh… more relay streaming! Did a couple of songs with Max at Sterling Vineyards last night.
We did Wheat Kings, Million Dollars, and Black Monday. Come to think of it.. all Canadian fare! I’m gonna try to tidy them up, and maybe post one here for your listening purposes. Soon.. it’s [...]