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Montreal MMM v 2.0. Jam July 28th to July 31st!!

Norris | July 25, 2011

There is going to be a Jam in Montreal this weekend including 20 musicians who play in SL as well as another 30 or so friends and fans. Some of the musicians include Max Kleene, Montian Gilruth, Funky Freddy Republic, Shannon Oherlihy, Taunter Goodnight, Moi, and many others.
I am VERY EXCITED for this weekend. [...]

On Montreal, Pt III: The Day After

Norris | August 15, 2009

So Sunday morning nothing rolls around. I crawl out of bed around the crack of noon, and start wandering around. Some people have left for home, others are off doing touristy things, but 10 or us are mulling around the front of the dorm. After some talk, we decide a very Canadian/Quebecois [...]

On Montreal, Pt 2: Day in a Hall

Norris | August 4, 2009

Saturday morning rolled around, and everyone made their way over to the hall for a full day’s worth of music.
The event was catered, so there was coffee, tea, eggs, fruit, bread and all kinds of goodies on site when we got there.
Musician’s timeslots were determined by random draw. It was a pretty democratic way to [...]